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Tax identification code for foreign students

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codice fiscale

What is the tax identification code?
The tax identification code is the way to identify the citizens as far as the relations with public bodies and institutions are concerned. It is a group of 16 alphanumeric signs.

How to apply and where?
Normally the tax identification code is given:
- by filling in a special form ;
- by showing a valid identification document;
- by handing in a photocopy of a document.
Foreign students can apply for it at any office of Agenzia delle Entrate


Which documents do foreign students need to submit in order to apply for it?

bandiera europea

EU-citizens need to submit :

- A valid identification document (identity card or passport).


Non-EU citizens need to show alternatively:

- a valid passport, along with visa, if foreseen, or other equivalent document recognized by Italian authorities;

- identity certificate issued by the Diplomatic or Consular representation in Italy of the relating country (with relating photo of the candidate);

- a valid permit of stay.

How can I ask for the correction of data?
In case there are incorrect data you can ask to replace the tax identification number by going at any office of Agenzia dell’Entrate with an identification document.

What have I to do in case of loss or theft?
You can ask to have a duplicate of the tax identification code at any office of Agenzia dell’Entrate, by showing alternatively:
- declaration of loss or of theft;
- identification document, as previuosly specified.